Entrance Mats

Input is the calling card of each building. CWS has prepared mats for every need. CWS mats trap dirt, moisture and dust, prevent slipping, and protect floors evoke the idea of ​​cleanliness in the room. Through robust bristles or aluminum matting captures the rough dirt and moisture directly before entering. This reduces the critical need for additional cleaning floors and cleaning costs by up to 80%.

With regular deliveries confusing CWS clean mat for use and venturing into the CWS laundry.


Serve mats

For our products is a solution to the system. Professional service for us means: removal and replacement, washing, drying, inspection and delivery. The frequency of replacing the mats 7, 14 and 28 days. The package of our services also include comprehensive consultancy, analysis of your needs, advice on products and customized solutions in the service.

Customer Service regular exchange of mats as well as the professional care of them means that they can be used again and again. All CWS mats are cleaned in specialized work. Certified laundry processes are environmentally friendly and provide lasting cleanliness.

Standard mats

CWS Standard mat holds dirt, protects your floor and prevents slipping.

The regular cycles exchanging soiled mats for clean. In terms of design and size, CWS offers reliable choice.

Best sizes mat sizes are: 85 x 150 cm, 115 x 200 cm and 150 x 200 cm.