Product Overview

CWS-boco is one of the leading providers of textile rental and laundry services. Our services include investment and maintenance of textile products, pick-up of soiled textiles, and delivery of cleaned, repaired and quality checked textiles. Our Services are provided through our innovative range of products.


CWS-boco offers mats in a choice of 4 standard colours in all, and over 600 special hues. Customized mats are particularly popular, for example with the customer's logo or other details in corresponding corporate design. All mats are available on rental basis – and therefore professionally laundered and treated.


Complete Washroom Solutions

Everyone needs to use the washroom. We aim to ensure the experience is always pleasant. We provide a comprehensive range of washroom products combined with a high level service. CWS provides a comprehensive range of innovative and stylish dispensers for washing, sanatizing and drying hands, sanatizing toilet seats, dispensing toilet paper, removing toilet oders and disposing feminie hygiene products. Our washroom solutions are designed to combine industrial practice with exclusive design. With CWS dispensers our customers can personalise their washrooms.