We bring piece of mind to you !

CWS-boco is one of the leading providers of textile rental and laundry services. Our services include investment and maintenance of textile products, pick-up of soiled textiles, and delivery of cleaned, repaired and quality checked textiles. Our services are taylored and optimised to the specific requirements of every customer.

What we do for our customers

Our service includes rental, cleaning and maintenance of reusable hygiene products such as linen, work wear, roller towels, mats and surgical gowns and drapes. Outsourcing textile management to CWS-boco offers significant benefits such as saving costs, freeing up time, space, staff and capital. Our services allow you to concentrate on your core business.­ As CWS-boco’s services are being offered at affordable prices, customers indirectly benefit from CWS-boco’s purchasing power and continuous efficiency gains in our state of the art laundries. CWS-boco’s services help to reduce waist as most of our products are being reused multiple times. CWS-boco’s leasing and cleaning services are supplemented by a wide range of consumable products such as paper towels, toilet paper, soaps, air fragrances and disposable surgical packs.


Buy or Rent ?

Choose between a Full Rental Service from CWS-boco or buying and maintaining your textile products in house. In most cases a Full Rental Service is the most cost efficient option for our customers. Our main business focus is on full rental service. However, should you decide to purchase our products, we are committed to assist you and to find the best possible solution taylored to your requirements. We also support in-house solutions and provide laundry services for customer-owned products.

Customer Service at your doorstep

Great customer service has always been a cornerstone for the success of CWS-boco. Our qualified, experienced and friendly customer service representatives take care of your wishes and requests. Our contact details are displayed on the bottom of our web-page. We look forward to receiving your phone call or email.